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Our Volunteers Are Amazing!

We continue celebrating National Volunteer Month with a spotlight on two of our Manhattanville College volunteers who are making a difference in the lives of our students.


Olympia is a sophomore at Manhattanville College, majoring in musical theatre. She has played the violin for 8 years, and has also received All-County and Area All-State awards for voice. This is Olympia's first year volunteering at Songcatchers. She says, "If one thing is always consistent in this ever changing world, it is that music brings light and life to my every day. I really enjoy sharing my love of music with these wonderfully talented students every week!"


Rachel is also a sophomore at Manhattanville College and in her first year teaching at Songcatchers. She plays viola and piano, is double-majoring in music and biology, and traveled with her high school orchestra to Italy, performing in Florence, Rome, and Venice. Rachel says, "Being a volunteer is teaching the future generation what you have learned so they have something to be passionate about as he/she get older." Listen to Rachel perform part of the "Allegro Assai Movement" of Sonata No. 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach below!



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