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Jobs at Songcatchers

Professional Mentor at Songcatchers

Songcatchers is seeking highly qualified professional musicians to serve as mentors for our youth volunteers in our After-School Music Program. 


Songcatcher mentor teachers are experienced and successful educators/musicians who provide content specific support, guidance and evaluations for volunteer youth instructors throughout the year.


The ideal candidate will take ownership of the Songcatcher vision of excellence and integrate their passion and knowledge to the existing framework in place, while following our mission of “reaching for peace through music”.



  • At least 5 years (open for discussion) experience working as a teaching artist/musician

  • Expertise in music discipline and ability to collaborate with others arts disciplines

  • Ability to create lesson plans which complement the existing Songcatcher curriculum and style

  • Organizational and administrative skills

  • Mentorship experience

  • Excellent collaboration and interpersonal communication skills with colleagues, teachers, volunteers and students. Ability to hold others to high standards while also offering support and maintaining positive relationships.

  • A willingness to learn/try new things and a high degree of flexibility

  • Passion and investment in teaching students from diverse backgrounds and in the goals and mission of Songcatchers Inc.



  • Perform site evaluation (attend actual class session prior to participating as a mentor and beginning “instruction”), meet with volunteers on a regular basis, and consult with Executive and Assistant Directors to create a semester/yearly plan. Plan will include:

    • Designing curriculum for the various levels of students in the program and empowering volunteers to set their daily “action plan” from the moment they enter the classroom. 

    • Evaluations for the students and youth volunteers

    • Providing written materials/guidelines for all volunteers on best practices/techniques tailored to the specific instrument to complement in-classroom instruction. 

  • Guide volunteers through developing their own curriculum and creating assessments for their students and themselves.

  • Assist volunteer with resources needed and professional growth activities. 

  • Provide volunteers with support and regular feedback as they implement the curriculum.

  • Attend volunteer orientation early on in the semester, and meet with volunteers on the basics of music instruction, evaluation and best practices.


  • Compensation is in the form of a stipend, and is commensurate with experience 




Volunteer Opportunities at Songcatchers

Songcatchers is seeking musicians to serve as volunteer instructors in our After-School Music Program. 


  • Must be at least 14 years old and in 9th grade or above (aides with advanced music skills can be in 8th grade)

  • Musical talent and skill in their chosen instrument

  • Responsibility, reliability, and trustworthiness
  • Ability to commit to the program on a weekly basis from the end of September to mid-June 



  • Teach lessons to 2-3 students on chosen instrument.

  • Work with other volunteers to organize and run Circle Time, a community-building time for group games and snacks.

  • Prepare students to perform for informal and formal performances. 

  • Attend occasional volunteer orientation and meetings.




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