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Mentorship Training Program

The Songcatchers Mentorship Training Program is program for ages 14+ and is an essential part of our After-School Music Program. This is a volunteer program that provides valuable skills and instruction for the trainees that will last a lifetime.

Under the guidance of professional musicians and mentors, the youth are trained and mentored in areas of:

  • Leadership

  • Classroom management

  • Lesson planning


The instructors also learn character skills such as:

  • Responsibility

  • Reliability

  • Patience

  • Flexibility

  • Compassion 

Each year the youth instructors perform in a special concert where they perform for the public and show their musical talent and leadership skills they have learned through this program. 






We are always seeking new talent for our programs. If interested click the button below.

A piano class during the pandemic with a mentor, volunteer teacher and student in the After School Music Program.
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