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Songcatchers Programs

Songcatchers provides an array of programs for children and adults. Learn more about our programs: 

After-School Music Program: The After-School Music Program provides instrumental lessons for children ages 7-13. The children are taught by talented high school, college, and community musicians. Through our Youth Mentorship Program, the youth instructors themselves learn leadership, responsibility, and teaching skills by professional musicians and music educators who serve as mentors and guides.  


Songcatchers Choirs: Songcatchers has several Choirs: an intergenerational Concert Choir for youth and adults as well as a Choir Camp for children ages 7-17. The Concert Choir and Ensemble perform at civic and community events throughout the year, and present several annual concerts.



Songcatchers Choir Camp: Choir Camp is a one-week residential Camp where our mission of "Reaching for Peace Through Music" really comes alive. Through concentrated singing, dramatic, and other camp-like activities, all who come to Choir Camp learn to live with one another in a respectful and peaceful atmosphere. 

Early Childhood Music Program: The Early Childhood Music Program is comprised of an Early Violin Program for children ages 4-7;

an Early Piano program for ages 6-7; and a Musikgarten class for toddlers ages 1.5-3. All Early Childhood Music classes include elements of singing and ear-training within the curriculum

Summer Music Programs: Songcatchers offers several summer day programs: an Early Violin Summer Program for children ages 4-7

and a Summer Instrumental Program for children ages 7-13. Both programs serve as extensions to the year-round programs.











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